Tuesday, November 19, 2019

World history new Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

World history new - Essay Example The Atlantic revolution is an epoch that yielded numerous interrelated revolts between 1770s and 1820s. The revolutions remain crucial in the light of world history because they define present politics, traditions as well as elicited the right to stage upheavals. The American revolution of 1775-1783, which saw America swim into independence from the British colonization and the creation of a new state, the United States of America (USA), can be linked to a sequence of the Atlantic revolutions. The American revolutionary wars, under the leadership of General Washington aided with his French allies, were directed towards the autocratic British administration. The period between 1789 and 1799 was an era in which the French Revolution was a major historic phenomenon. During the period, democracies substituted absolute monarchies, which led to a stronger France. Even though historians and researchers still debate about the cause of the French Revolution, they have settled on taxation schemes as well as widespread inequality as principal factors that led to the uprising. Also, the idea of the involvement of France in America’s fight for independence is seen as a motivating factor as the French learned from the American independence war. The Napoleonic wars were the central driver of the French Revolution, which saw the collapse of major monarchies and creating a leeway for the formation of new nations. It also spearheaded successive revolutions like the Russian Revolution. Prior to the French Revolution, the French society was segregated into three major classes: the monarchy, peasants and the church clerks. However, the societal stru cture was flattened after the revolution and France was publicly proclaimed a republic. The Haitian Revolution (1790-1804) was the force behind the independence of Haiti. The Haitian Revolution remains a crucial part of world history because it is unique compared with other revolution in that it was successfully staged by slaves

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