Sunday, November 3, 2019

Modern Day Nationalism Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Modern Day Nationalism - Research Paper Example Modern-day nationalism encourages regionalism and formation of regional political groups or trade unions. Furthermore, it advocates cooperation and commitment to the liberation of the poor and vulnerable in various societies across the world. Modern-day nationalism is based on the globalization and regional government concept. Most countries in different regions are changing their view of nationalism. Today, most people view and pride themselves as members of a given area or organization rather than community or tribe. According to Sutherland, through various example from across the world, it is evident different regions have plans to move away from national governance and adopt regional governance (para 2). The East Africa community that is Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania are perfect examples of countries that are planning regional governance. Similarly, sub-states such as Scotland and Catalonia also prefer regional integration and governance as opposed to individual states or communiti es. These groups desire to identify themselves with a particular region. Additionally, the formation of trade union and regional organizations such as East Africa Community (EAC) in Africa and the National American Free Trade Area (NAFTA) in the America continent shows that countries are past tribal or cultural based cooperation (Sutherland para 2). Furthermore, these organizations are formed as a way of enhancing domestic legitimacy and national prosperity among various states across the world. In addition, modern time’s nationalism greatly contributes to the global development and protection of human rights. Currently, many people feel committed to larger communities and the interest of various people across the world (Ezzat para 3). As a result, nationalism builds a sense of identity and cooperation between various people from different religions, countries or even tribes (Weeks).  

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