Wednesday, December 25, 2019

The Case Of Gee Wiz - 942 Words

In the case study of Gee Wiz, â€Å"Wanda David, a licensed CPA, works for Gee, LLC, a professional accountancy corporation with offices in Wisconsin and Illinois, in the audit department and she also has some small business clients that she provides tax services to in her spare time generally on weekends. Her employer does not know that she does this. Wanda never thought about a conflict of interests because the firm does no tax work. One of Wanda’s small business clients, Wiz Inc., was also an audit client of Gee and had fallen more than 90 days past due on paying bills. In her position with Gee, Wanda was assigned to the audit of Wiz and is responsible for preparing and estimating the Allowance for Doubtful Accounts. During the audit of Wiz’s financial statements during the week ending March 1, 2013, her boss asks her for justification for not including Wiz Inc. in the 90+ day aging report. It seems there are some audit-related questions about the collectible of the Wiz account. Wanda came up with an explanation for not including the Wiz account in the estimated allowance and her boss was satisfied. Within a week of this request, Wanda is given a nice promotion and raise, but she has to transfer to the office of Gee in Chicago for the new job. Wanda accepts the promotion, leaves immediately, and decides to quit doing accounting on the side. In moving, Wanda does not complete the corporate tax return for Wiz on Form 1120, which should be filed with the IRS by March 15. She also

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